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Piano recital by Lang Lang

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Recital de piano de Lang Lang

Magical piano recital by Lang Lang under the pine trees of Formentor

The world’s leading exponent of classical piano inaugurated the 3rd edition of the festival and rekindled the magic for which this place is renowned. The notes of his music wafted through the pine trees that grow beside the sea here in Formentor, while the public bathed in the rays of the setting sun.

410 highly privileged patrons, the record attendance to date, were able to enjoy the only recital that the pianist will offer in Spain this year. Undoubtedly the leading emblem of China’s increasingly important role in classical music, Lang Lang exhibited his mastery in a two-hour programme that began with Tchaikovsky’s "The Seasons" (one for each month of the year). In his usual relaxed style, his arms moving up and down with his head held back, his gaze took in the surrounding landscape during the more romantic passages. He continued with Bach’s "Italian Concerto", vigorously underscoring the piece’s playful counterpoint. Following the intermission, as night began to fall, Lang Lang concluded his performance with an extraordinary rendition, full of introspection and sensitivity, of the "Four Scherzos" by Chopin, one of his favourite composers.

During the press conference prior to the concert, Lang Lang envisaged that he would end up completely imbued in the music: "I am convinced that I will play in a different way here in the Formentor Sunset Classics, thanks to the inspiration of this is even more spectacular than I had expected". True to his word, he immersed himself in his interpretation and upheld another of the principles that he had mentioned during his presentation: "A good pianist is a good communicator".

To end his performance, and shortly before treating the audience to a brief encore, Lang Lang thanked the public for their applause and for the opportunity to perform in the gardens of the Barceló Formentor hotel, with its idyllic scenario and weather which, to use his own words, "is like being in heaven ".

Master Class | Lang Lang

Master Class - Lang Lang

All the strength and romantic spirit in music

The performance by the great Chinese pianist Lang Lang has been another extraordinary opportunity to transmit the emotion of music to our guests.

Felipe Aguirre, Artistic Director of the Formentor Sunset Classics, breaks the programme down and explores one of the most fascinating composers of the Baroque period, Johann Sebastian Bach, showing us how to understand the sense of order, formal perfection, beauty and harmonious richness when listening to the music so that finally we feel all its strength. We will also pause in the Romanticism, a period of transformations, with elevated spiritual ideals, and that following the explanations given by Aguirre, we will be able to appreciate the romantic spirit and intense creativity that exists in the music of Tchaikovsky and Chopin.

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